Sauvignon Blanc

Made from our special blend of Spanish olive oils, these creations are not simply "infused" but rather contain all the wonderful herbs and spices within each jar. These wonderful oils are the most difficult to bottle as they take extra time and space to fill each bottle separately, but they are some of the most intriguing flavors we produce. Used for anything from bread dippers to salad dressings, saute oils, pasta dressings and flavorful marinades, only your imagination limits the uses for these fantastic flavors!

Parmesan Pesto: Tempt your taste buds with this absolutely delicious oil. The perfect finish to roasted broccoli, drizzle over pasta or eggplant, add it to mash potatoes or tater tots, great for popcorn, sliced tomatoes, or to make memorable croutons to top off your next casserole. It will quickly become your go to for an original and effortless finishing oil.

Sundried Tomato: This oil captures the garden freshness of nature and brings it to your dining table! The perfect condiment for your favorite sandwiches, as a vegetable dip, in sauces, marinades or vinaigrettes, asparagus soup, corn beef hash, or seared seafood. With a little creativity you are sure to create dishes that will make everyone's mouth water and want seconds.

Classic Tuscan Herb: Mama Celia’s original Tuscan recipe! Pairs AWESOME with a little Traditional Balsamic to make the best dipping oil ever! Drizzle over skirt steaks, garden fresh salads, pastas, brush on for awesome garlic bread or bruschetta, add to hummus, soups, stews, all meats and seafood. This is a true Tuscan delight.

Mongolian: A favorite combination for appetites that crave bold distinct flavors. We use canola oil for the base so you can use it in high heat applications like a stir fry oil. Try it for your next stir fry, egg roll dip, zest up mashed potatoes, drizzle over fresh sliced cucumbers, pour over Asian slaw, a glaze for pan seared salmon, grilled hamburgers, chicken wings, braised beef and if you want to add some pizazz to an old favorite, put it in deviled eggs.

Red Chimichurri: Experience the exotic flavors of North Africa with this bold, tangy and spicy dipping oil. Change the ordinary and make it exceptional! An interesting addition to lentil soup, brush over grilled swordfish, drizzle over scrambled eggs, pita chips, portabella mushrooms or couscous. Add it to recipes you want to sizzle with a little heat and pop with flavor!


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