Specialty Vinegars that will knock your socks off! From the finest gold label balsamic to our Lambrusco wine vinegar, nothing but pure over the top quality here.

Gold Label Balsamic: This fantastic cask-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, is made from acetified grape must matured using the Solera method of blending, transferring the vinegar between a succession of high quality barrels of different sizes. A 25 year refinement process in high quality wood results in a rich and assertive balsamic with a warm brown color and a thick, fluid consistency. The aroma is penetrating and persistent. With port and madeira undertones, it is a classic balsamic taste. Perfect for the vinegar lover looking for that special addition to their kitchen. Makes a great gift as well!

Lambrusco Wine Vinegar: Lambrusco Vinegar has a lush viscosity depth and wonderful sweetness. It has long been a favorite of Italian culture. Sour-sharp and swooningly sweet with a bit of fizzy, and a touch of berry. The lambrusco grape grows only in the Southern tier of Lombardy, parts of Emilia Romagna and Veneto. Made from the long natural maturation of Lambrusco wine and aged in oak barrels. It is completely natural and contains no colorants or preservatives.


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